Textual | Dirty South Still Life | 12" LP

$ 15.00

Dave LeBleu's solo project

A1 In Echo Park
A2 Benzodiabolic Suite No. 1 : Enunciate Vs. Phonate
A3 Benzodiabolic Suite No. 2 : Simplex Vs. Complex
A4 Benzodiabolic Suite No. 3 : Automate Vs. Medicate
A5 Dirty South Still Life
A6 Dirty South Still Life (Screwed And Chopped Mix)

B1 In Reference To What Is False
B2 Cash-rich, Porn-hungry Killbillies With Filthy Feet Are Taking Over The World
B3 Welcome To Narita
B4 Welcome To Narita (Mr. Bambu's Roundeye Remix)
B5 What Is False Can Now Be True


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